Sunday, August 25, 2013

Celtic Rock Fest

Thanks to the Newport Yachting Center for this very very awesome event and for having us out there at the last minute. 

We've done a few festivals this our inaugural year and the Celtic Rock Fest is one of my favorite thus far and to sum it up, listen to this youtube video of Celtica.  

Just like our Tex Mex Tatties are a fusion of cultures, they blend rock & roll with bags, men in skirts, and, well, a fine looking lass on the pipes.   

Debatable whether Dropkick Murphys stole the show or my Murphy tatties - chorizo braised in Guinness and bacon with my Irish Whisky habanero sauce -but great food, music, friendship is the harmony of life.

And even though El Guapo ain't Irish, well, he's got the luck of one.  

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