Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chef Big Dog's BIG FOOD

HELL YEH - what a great weekend at the Mystic Food Truck Rally 

It was the launch of my new culinary concept - CBD's BIG FOOD!! The Inspiration is from my 6 months as a food truck vendor alongside PeaceLoveV.  And as a large type man - in mass and mind - it fits right into my wheelhouse.  

But 'BIG FOOD' isn't just about size.  This Memorial Weekend, Chef Big Dog will be at Clinton Crossing Outlets and the theme is 'Big Heroes' and my food will be an homage to the warriors who have risked life and limb for freedom.  I'll post the menu on Thursday.  


CBD's RedNeck Rolls

Were a huge success this weekend and all chest pounding aside, I think I made my ancestors proud.  Version 1.0 was the ULTIMATE FAIR FOOD - a foot long corn dog wrapped in a 12" tortilla in Nacho Cheese  wrapped in Pulled Pork with a spicy BBQ honey mustard mayo slaw - pan fried and topped with more sauce and Funyons!  

Yes'm I sold out of these beauties in just a few hours.  The #RedNeckRolls embody the spirit of CBD's Big Food - Big Ideas, Big Flavors, Big Big Big...



Memorial Wknd - Clinton Crossing Outlets

Update soon with additional locations & festivals throughout the 2016 season!