Saturday, August 17, 2013


Late last nite I was looking for inspiration for a tattie tooled specifically for the Celtic Rock Festival next weekend and I recalled reading long ago about a fierce female warrior and queen of the Iceni, a Celtic Tribe.  

Her husband killed, her daughters raped, and publicly flogged, Boudica bitched slapped in several battles the Roman Empire so badly Nero considered tucking tail and running back home.  

Basically she was a bad ass even though she eventually lost the rebellion against the Romans. The photo nearby is a statue of her on a chariot in London.

There seems to be some question as to the spelling of her name but consensus with pronunciation 'boo-tick-ah'.  

In honor of this Celtic queen, Chef Big Dog's special this week is the Booty Tattie and the recipe I'm using is a traditional Irish dish, the Dublin Coddle.  And  true to the origin of its name, the sausage and bacon and potatoes will be braised in Guinness, the beer sponsor of the festival.  

Come out to the Celtic Rock Fest Saturday, August 24th at the Newport Yachting Center for some Booty and some Tatties! 

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