Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Word.... well many more words from Chef Lucky. Did you really use the 'O' word?

Chef Lucky here.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of serving some Tex-Mex Tatties to my co-workers at my day job! (Yes, I am visual designer by day and chef at night).  These peeps are total foodies and they were in heaven when they tasted our Tatties!  I was so excited at their reactions.  The tray of Tatties disappeared rather quicky! Some of the questions and comments included:

Can I order these for a party?
Can I get a copy of the menu?
Where are you selling these? Why aren't you selling them here in CT?
How do you make them?
Is there a dessert Tattie?
Do you have a website I can order from-do you ship?

I'm in heaven.
They are amazing.
I've never had something like this.
The sauces are so flavorful.
What's in your chipotle mayo?

The best comment, which I hold close to my heart....
"Does this mean you're leaving us?"

Note: My co-workers are like a family, I have work sisters, brothers, a work husband and work sons....

Well my friends, this is something I am very passionate about. I love, love, love being in the kitchen.  What I love more, is watching people "melt" after tasting something we have created.  Making someone have a "food orgasm"..... Yep, I said the O word and about food!  I have experienced food O's. A very memorable Food O from a dessert empanada at a favorite local restaurant in Newport, Diego's. That experience and the flavors inspired my Lucky's Sweet Tattie.

Lucky's Sweet Tattie.....yeah, sounds almost lascivious!  Sinful? Perhaps, from the pleasure one gets when they have a mouthful.  So, you're probably thinking, how can that be? It can....

Lucky's Sweet Tattie
Dough-potato based w/
-crushed Mexican chocolate
-Mexican Vanilla

-A special chocolate/cinnamon truffle I have created just for this Tattie
-Carmelized bananas (Butter, Dark Rum, Kahlua, brown sugar, Mexican vanilla, cinnamon)

Batter-pecans, brown sugar, cinnamon, Mexican chocolate

Deep fried so all the libations in the center melt together so a creamy, rich, chocolate and cinnamon "lava" flows out when you stick your fork in!

-chopped pecans, brown sugar, cinnamon, Mexican chocolate, powdered sugar and....
BACON!!! Yep- bacon.

Fifty Shades of Tattie all in one bite!!

My P, Chef Big Dog (background-he doesn't like sweets and didn't want any on the menu), well when he tried this, I do believe he had a Food O too! But, that's for him to share.....  ;-)

If you are in the area, you must stop by and try Lucky's Sweet Tattie.

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