Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holiday 2015 Menu

As launch date nears I've put the final touches on my menu.  It's a big departure from my usual fare - innovative, elegant, finessed tapas.  

Nope, it's gonna be damnably cold out there and my guess is folks will want warm, comforting familiar food - holiday flavors to put a fine point on it.  

The menu is comprised of hot sammiches, papas, and soups.  

The weekly staples of Sammiches:  

(1) The Love Loaf - my juicy succulent pepper filled meatloaf with a chipotle BBQ sauce with a slop of garlicky mashed potatoes on buttery Texas Toast.  

(2) The King Ranch - marinated chicken breasts braised in bacon fat and peppers served with pepper cheese, bacon, in my "O" sauce which is a smokey roasted pepper Ranch sauce.

(3) The Crack Mac Burger - just 3 simple ingredients makes this hot mamma! My Tex-Mex roasted peppers and tomatoes queso, CBD spiced burger on Texas toast.  

(4) Roasted Pimento Grilled Cheese - for the veggies amongst us this grilled Panini is stuffed with 3 cheeses and a roasted garlic and pepper cream cheese.  One of Chef Big Dog's most oft requested.

Papas (That's taters fer you gringos):  

(1) The Veggie Poo -  CBD's own vegetarian styled poutine with Spiced Tater Tots topped with my queso dip and the absolute best pico de gallo you'll ever have!

(2) Queso Con Chili - quite simply chili and cheese. Dayamn if this doesn't sound like warm lovey goodness I don't know what does.


CBD's Texas Chili - quite simply a chili recipe I've worked on for years.  I also call this my traitor chili since I add beans to it (no self respecting Texan does) along with dozens of ingredients and spices developed over hours on the stovetop.  


We plan on adding weekly soup and papas specials going forward but for now, we'll have a weekly sammich special and for Thanksgiving week, that'll be:

The Kentucky Hot Brown (pictured nearby) - absolutely one of most ingenious ways to use leftover turkey which is placed on egg battered bread with a roasted tomato and a nutmeg cheese sauce.  

If'n you've never had these CBD's beauties, come on out to Clinton Crossing this week  - look for the purple Peace Love V truck (we're wrapping it today so pics forthcoming).  

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