Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chef Big Dog is Back in Biz!

Well actually...

The title is twice incorrect.  CBD has never been out of business - I've been cooking for some of the fine folks at the Puppy Up Foundation across the fruited plains this past year.  I've also been supremely busy evaluating other opportunities for CBD some of which I've turned down; others I'm still considering.  

It's also technically not my 'biz'.  Back in September our good friend and person I inspired, Chef V, bought a food truck and I've been helping translate her idea into reality.  And that's been no small task.  Originally outfitted for baking, I've had to gut part of it, install a new prep table, re-plump a shoddy water system (the pic doesn't do it justice), and come up with a mouth watering menu which I'm finalizing today.  

And that's important since we're going LIVE - next week at the Clinton Crossing outlet.  If you're in the area, the Peace Love & V truck will be there Friday thru Sunday and during the weekends throughout the holidays. 


CBD's PS 1:  Most of my postings and writings on Social Media for the next couple of months will be to my Facebook page and here at my blog.  

CBD's PS 2:  As some of you know I auditioned for Master Chef and they said if I didn't hear from them by November probably didn't make it to LA. I made it to the top of the Austin auditions but from what I learned a lot of failed actors now use shows like this to get into the reality biz.  Oh, the humanity of it all!!! 

Admittedly it was a neat experience and I learned a few things but I'm kinda glad since I can focus on building the CBD brand rather than lose the first half of next year.  Sadly, though, El Guapo, my Tex-Mex Muse, you will NOT be the next Master Chef. 

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